I have been playing piano, recorder and drum since childhood. In 2021, I began to play ukulele and write my own music compositions. Trece Años (see below) is my first song writing experiment.

My audio channels:
(1) audiomack/tuncalik
(2) youtube/borabas/playlist music
(3) soundcloud/tuncaliku
(4) bandcamp/tuncalik
(5) musescore/tuncalik1

Selected pieces

My daughter and I sang Wild Drummer’s song accompanied by the piano (my own composition)
Song of the Wild Drummer: Wild Drummer is coming! (my own composition)
Have you ever listened to the song of ecological ignorance?
Akademi Şarkısı (ikinci prova) – Academy Song (second rehearsal)
We played “Mamy Blue” on the ukulele in front of a natural aquarium
Trece Años, a birthday song for my daughter Elif Sumru (13)
I played Russion folk song “Sasha” on the piano; first original melody, then my interpretation
Learning ukulele: Moon River (Mancini & Mercer) on ukulele – flower of a yellow flag

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  1. tuncali says:

    The music piece that I composed for the first chapter of my short story “Wild Drummer of the Apple Village”: Wild Drummer is coming!, played by the virtual instruments of Dorico music notation software.

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